The other day I was in Target and saw an adorable scarf with little gold circles on it. I thought of making a scarf and painting gold circles on it but then I remembered I had this pale pink one I never wear. I thought it would be perfect for a little updating.

It was a super easy transformation. I just used the gold leaf paint that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby. Then use a little dowel or something to dab the circles on. I used a glue stick because it was the first thing I grabbed but after a while the paint started to wear away at the glue stick-so a wooden dowel would be a better choice 🙂 Make sure there is paper between the layers of the scarf so the paint doesn’t bleed. 
The scarf was a little stinky after all was said and done because the paint has a strong smell, so I threw it in the wash. The paint held up just fine. I look forward to doing some gold circle painting on t-shirts and maybe even leggings…..
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