While my mother-in-law was cleaning out her mother’s basement, she found this bench and thought of me so she asked if I wanted it. I thought-a free piece of furniture with 100% potential?-Yes please! It was a pretty quick transformation because the bench was in good shape-it just had been used quite a bit. I unscrewed the cushion and replaced the material with a wool/flannel fabric. I just stapled the fabric to the bottom of the seat. Then I sanded the bench and stained it a dark walnut. When the stain dried, I taped off the legs, covered up the rest of the chair and spray painted the bottom of the legs gold. 

And that was it. Not too much work for a bench that looks completely brand new! And it was free because I had everything I needed already-I just love those types of projects! Maybe you should go digging around your grandma’s basement to see if she’s ready to part with some hidden treasures 🙂

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