We only had two days in Rome, so we had to cram a lot in. After Vatican City, we went to the Pantheon and walked to Trevi Fountain which was under renovations. Then we walked over to the Spanish Steps.

We went to this place for dinner right near the Spanish Steps and ate lunch at this place near Piazza Navona. The pasta there was amazing! And why is it that Italians never serve your pizza cut? It was so annoying always cutting our pizza with a butter knife.

The Pantheon which is more than two thousand years old and still today has the largest unreinforced concrete dome. And there is a hole in the top of the dome, so I guess if it’s raining… it gets wet inside. They did that because they used to light fires inside of it. It was amazing walking inside it and seeing how old it is. All of the buildings are made from such strong marble and cement. People still have church services there.

We walked to Piazza Navona on our way to the Spanish Steps. I just loved all of the squares and fountains. And oh the outdoor restaurants, so much better than eating indoors!

{Spanish Steps}

On the second day we went to church, took the subway to Piazza del Popolo, then walked back through Rome and took a tour with this company of the Roman Forum and Colosseum. It was so interesting learning all of the history of the forum.

The colosseum was incredible. We were glad we did the tour because there are so many interesting things to learn about it.

We stayed at this hotel and really liked it because it was in a great location, near the train station and Colosseum. And they also let us keep our bags there after we checked out, so that we didn’t have to carry them around all day. In the evening we headed to the train station to take our sleeper train to Venice. We opted for the sleeper train because we wanted to spend more time in the city… but it wasn’t a very good night sleep and you have to hang out at the train station until like 11 pm and you arrive super early in the morning before anything is open. We decided that the better way would be to just take a faster, evening train that would get you there around 11 or 12 at night then just stay in a hotel. That way you are at least guaranteed a good night sleep.

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