A few months ago when I was in Michigan visiting my parents, my mom gave me this crate she found for me at a garage sale. It was such a nice surprise! I have a few other vintage crates and love using them in my house. This crate had obviously been painted to look vintage but underneath was an actual vintage crate. I knew some sanding would need to be done.

The first thing I did was to sand it down to the bare wood with a hand sander. Then I stained it with dark walnut stain. After that dried properly, I used some spray polyurethane to seal it. I also decided to add some casters to the bottom. I found them at a local hardware store for a couple dollars each and just screwed them in the bottom of the crate.

The casters were a really shiny gold so I used some brown paint and rubbed it on the gold, waited a few minutes and then wiped the excess off. It dulled down the shiny gold a little. So then I was left with some blank sides of the crate. We had just been in Europe and San Pellegrino was on my mind since I had been drinking it nonstop for the last few weeks. I used my stamping technique seen here to stamp it on both sides of the crate.

This little crate on wheels is great to store books and toys. I love a good garage sale find!
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