IMG_0847I love using wall decals and love the ones I got from Walls Need Love for my little girl’s room. Before I found the ones at Walls Need Love (because I think they are very reasonably priced), I had only found wall decals that were a lot more expensive so I was thinking of a cheaper alternative. I wanted to try contact paper. Finally, when I was at a small hardware store, I found some plain black contact paper-until then, I only found contact paper with weird patterns. I found some online but I would have had to buy a huge amount. So, at this hardware store I could buy it by the yard. I bought a yard and it was about $3.

IMG_2021To make these wall decals,  just cut the contact paper to fit the size of a Cricut or Silhouette and cut the plus signs out. I had thought about doing circles and just using a large paper puncher-I’m sure that would work too because the contact paper is really thin.







This is a pretty busy space, but I like the accent wall it makes it more fun. I was wondering how the contact paper would stick to the wall especially because it’s a cement wall that is an outside wall so it is subject to slight temperature changes. It’s been a few months and they are still on just as good as the first day. IMG_0836

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