IMG_2104IMG_2111IMG_2126 IMG_2098I just love this poplin fabric from Fabric Worm. Elly helped me pick out some fabric to make her a little dress and she loved this fox pattern. When I saw that fabric I knew exactly what style of dress I wanted to make. It was a pretty simply pattern-ahem.. or no pattern, my usual method for sewing. I used one of her other dresses to get the size right. I actually just have a front panel, a back panel two sleeves and two pockets that I sewed right on top of the dress. For the back I sewed on some velcro at the top so her head can fit through. I paired it with this peter pan collar that I now sell in my shop. I love making little clothes for Elly and remember my mom doing it all the time for me… for some reason I remember my mom’s being way more detailed and complex, maybe in a few years I’ll get there! For now, I think Elly’s just really excited that she has foxes all over her dress 🙂

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