So the other day I went to Hobby Lobby to get some little mustaches for my kids Valentine’s and got totally distracted-as I often do at Hobby Lobby. I came howe with a cart full of metal decor because it was all half off. I also came home with these little state cutouts. I love decorating with maps and globes because I think it helps my kids with geography because they are always looking at the different countries and states. I was thinking how I wanted to show off these little states and decided on a pallet art. I was fresh out of pallets so I used some scrap wood from a past project.

IMG_2292I cut two pieces of wood with a chop saw and then attached them together by nailing in two scraps of wood on the back. The wood was in really good shape and so to give it a distressed appearance I painted it white with chalk paint and when that dried I roughed it up a little with a hammer and a saw. Then I used some dark stain and rubbed it across the wood and then quickly wiped it off-making sure the stain got in all of the hammer and saw marks. That gave the wood a nice gray look. I then sanded the edges. Then I used glue to attach all of the little states. 

IMG_2310 IMG_2304 IMG_2290

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