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{beanie: Old Navy, sweatshirt: H&M, skinnies H&M, ankle boots: AE}

I just love adding little things to clothing. Whether it be changing out the buttons or adding on some patches. It just makes the clothing piece seem that much more personalized. This was a normal gray sweatshirt and I sewed on some velvet shoulder patches. It’s amazing what you can find in fabric scraps lying around your house. I measured the velvet to fit the shoulder and then sewed a finishing hem on the bottom portion of the velvet because I knew my sewing machine wouldn’t reach that far to sew it on to the sweatshirt-because I didn’t want to take apart the sweatshirt. I then just pinned the fabric to the sweatshirt and folded over the velvet to make sure the ends wouldn’t fray and I sewed it right on to the sweatshirt. The seam blends right in. I sewed everything the sewing machine could reach and then used fabric glue to attach the rest. Make sure to put a piece of paper in the sleeve when using fabric glue to make sure the glue doesn’t stick to the other side of the sleeve. Such a quick and simple redesign of an already existing sweatshirt. 


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