IMG_2748Oh my gosh, so I can’t remember where I saw these DIY rusted metal letters but I just love this project! It was so quick and easy. Just get some paper mache numbers and metallic paint.  (ps I also bought some clear spray paint because I thought I would need it as a top coat but I didn’t end up using it-which is why it’s in the picture below)

I used a dark grey metallic paint and painted the numbers. I used a paint brush and dabbed on the paint. 


I did two coats and before the second coat dried I sprinkled cinnamon on it-yeah cinnamon! 


Then just shake off the excess and then I used a paper towel to rub off the excess. And that’s it! So quick and I think it really does look like rusted metal. Next I want to try it with a lighter grey metallic paint.


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