IMG_2393Any mom who enjoys crafting and DIY will tell you that there’s nothing quite like sitting down with your kids and creating wonderful crafts, but it’s not always easy to find projects that they’d enjoy. But fostering the spirit of DIY in kids not only equips them with skills they’ll find useful as they age, but also allows them to be more confident in their own skills, and teaches them how to persevere and be responsible.
Luckily for moms out there, a smartphone or tablet can now be a great aide when it comes to helping your kids DIY. Gaming Realms, operators of Spin Genie, have said that tablet and smartphone installed bases exceeded PC installed bases in 2013, and everyone knows that we now use our phones and gadgets more often than we used to. With DIY: Skills for Kids, you can turn the time your child spends on your gadgets into parent/child craft time.

IMG_2397DIY: Skills for Kids has a host of different activities that are sure to get your kids working on new projects. There’s something for every child, no matter what their inclination may be. Is your child more of a baker, or an illustrator? Are they more inclined to program computer games, or put outfits together? With the app, you can also help your child develop into an actor, an astronomer, a mechanic, a sculptor, a woodworker, and even a zoologist. This great app has dozens of activities that challenge kids, and it has an active community with which you can interact. Kids can show off their projects and see what other users their age are doing, too.

The app is available on the iTunes App Store for free, and there are various options for parents and educators to be able to manage their children’s projects as well.

In a time where we admittedly spend more time on our phones than we used to, the DIY: Skills for Kids app presents us with a great way to make the most of the time we have with our kids. Parker didn’t want to put my phone down he was having so much fun playing with the new app! It is a great alternative to the kids just watching movies on my phone or tablet. 

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