IMG_2783 So a while ago I saw a pillow with two arrows and “N, S, E, W” on it. I thought it looked so cool and thought I could make it out of wood for a wall hanging. My husband cut the arrows out of some old pallet wood and I just rubbed some dark stain on them and nailed them together. I bought the letters here. Because the letters were new wood, I wanted to age them a little to match the pallet wood more. So I did a few things to age the wood. First I let them sit in some white vinegar with some rusty nails thrown in there. That didn’t quite do the trick like I thought it would-maybe I should have done steel wool instead… So then I got a dry old tooth brush and rubbed on some dark stain. It was a very light coat of stain. Then while the stain was a little wet still I rubbed the letters in some sawdust and use a hammer and wrench to bang on the letters a little. I also nailed some old rusty nails in them. Then I set them outside in the sun and rain for a few days. And that was it. I love how it turned out. IMG_2799 IMG_2806 IMG_2808 IMG_2802

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