summer footwear2

h e e l s  1 . 2 . 3 
s a n d a l s  1 . 2 . 3
s n e a k e r s  1 . 2 . 3
w e d g e s  1 . 2 . 3
b o o t s  1 . 2 . 3
f l a t s  1 . 2 . 3

Have you guys embraced some of the summer’s footwear trends? I think it’s so funny that Birkenstocks are everywhere now. I still have some of my Birkenstocks from high school and they’re still in perfect condition. I went to wear my Birkenstock clogs the other day and my 4-year-old laughed at them and said they looked like silly shoes. Haha so now I’m torn should I take style advice from my 4-year-old?? I have round up some of my favorites for summer including heels, wedges, boots-yes you can still wear boots in the summer, sneakers, flats and sandals. I love all the metallics, florals and neons I am seeing this year.


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