IMG_5096I love these hairpin leg tables. I’m kind of obsessed with the industrial look right now. It’s a juggle for me because I really like to feel cozy at home, but I also love the industrial look (which can seem cold because of all the metal). So I have been trying to balance the metal with wood to help get the best of both worlds. The wood helps to soften the metal look. I needed a little table in between these chairs because my kids would run from the front door and use the chair arms like gymnastic parallel bars. It made the arms really dirty and would push the furniture all around-plus I’m sure it’s dangerous some how 😉 My solution-put a table in between the chairs. IMG_5094The chairs are cozy and soft, so I knew the metal and wood would balance them. I found these awesome hairpin legs here. There are so many different types of hairpin legs-and different sizes too. I wanted a very simple, basic style so I chose these and selected 22 inches tall. The people over at HairpinLegs.com were kind enough to send me some over.IMG_5112The table was a pretty quick little project. I just found an old piece of wood (from my moms attic, probably about 70+ years old). Because the piece of wood was a little old and brittle, I used a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and glued it with wood glue to the bottom of the table top. I then screwed in the legs to the bottom of the table-so easy! 
IMG_5052You could end there and be done, but for me-because I used such an old piece of wood, I had a little bit more work, I filled in some cracks with wood filler and left some large cracks for character. After it dried, I sanded it and stained it using Jacobean colored stain. I made sure to coat the top with some polyurethane. 
IMG_5099I love this little table and the look it gives the room. And it was so quick to make! I think I need to make a few more! IMG_5092

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