Master Bedroom Inspiration BoardAs you know we recently moved to a new house-this is literally a dream come true for me, I have a blank slate and so many rooms to decorate. It’s a bit overwhelming because I want it all perfect pretty much immediately. I just have to remind myself that we were in our previous house for 8 years and that’s why it was exactly how I wanted it when we left. I just have to be patient and work on one thing at a time-much easier said than done! I posted my dining room already HERE and am working on finishing my master bedroom. But before I do, I want to share the inspiration board I created for my master bedroom. Have you guys ever used Olioboard? I have and now I am hooked-it’s awesome, you just sign up (for free) and can create and post inspiration boards. It has direct links to the places where you can purchase those items. HERE is the link to my inspiration board for my master bedroom so you can see where to purchase these things. You can also follow me to see the latest inspiration boards I’ve created. And even if you don’t buy the exact items used for your board, you can still get a good idea of what everything would look like together. 
In my master bedroom I want it to be light and airy. So I picked light colors, neutrals and whites. I also used some silvers and greys. I am in love with this tufted wingback headboard! We just bought a king size bed, so a new headboard was greatly needed. I still have a few more projects I am working on before I consider that room complete but I’m so excited to share it with you! 

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