IMG_6432IMG_6440IMG_6439IMG_6434In our master bedroom, we have a little hallway that goes to our walk in closets and bathroom. It’s great having that much space in an en suite-definitely better than our previous house. The only problem was there was no door. So, in the morning my husband would be getting ready and the light would shine right in my face since our bed is on the opposite wall as the doorway to the en suite.
We knew we wanted to put in a door and I have always wanted a barn door in my bedroom. The opening is 8ft tall, so I had to build a big door. I got the barn door hardware from NW Artisan Hardware. They have a large selection of hardware that can fit any style of decor. The industrial look is so popular right now in decorating, so I just loved looking through their selection and dreaming about how I could add a barn door in every room 🙂 I used THIS hardware and THIS handle in the raw steel finish. They also have a large selection of barn doors-which I love, but I decided to try and build one myself. 

I spent probably $60 in lumber. I used common board in the 1×4 inch and 1×6 inch sizes and a piece of 1/4 inch plywood.
IMG_5210Cut the 1/4 inch plywood to the size of the door you want. I left about an inch and a half extra around the sides and top. Cut your common board to fit the pattern you want. There are so many different ways to pattern a barn door. You can look on Pinterest and get so many ideas. I just took some of the ideas I saw and made my own pattern. I cut the 6 inch boards to frame the outside. I cut the 4 inch boards to run vertically on the door. I ran out of wood so I had to be creative when cutting, otherwise I would have used solid pieces and wouldn’t have left those gaps in there. I used nails and wood glue to attach it all.
IMG_5211I used some scrap 1 inch strips to run along the sides of the door. IMG_5212IMG_5218I then attached the outside 6 inch pieces on top of the boards. 
IMG_5215When it was hung, I painted it white. I watered down the white paint slightly and then when it dried I used a hand sander to sand it and give it a distressed look. It’s perfect. The hardware just looks so good and I love seeing it in my room. It creates the perfect amount of privacy between the bedroom and en suite. I later hung a mirror on the backside of the door which is a great place for it. IMG_6439

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