IMG_6017IMG_6026IMG_6028My original thoughts for the boy’s room was to have it all black and white. I just love the crisp look and feel of those colors. It also meant that if I was doing all the same two colors, I could play with patterns a lot. I love the swiss cross pattern and knew that’s what I wanted for the comforters. I looked all over online and to buy a comforter with that pattern it would have been really expensive.
I headed online to Spoonflower, which (I think) has the best selection of fabrics. They also let you create your own fabric and wallpaper designs. They have a few variations of the swiss cross pattern. And they also have a variety of fabric types. I used this white fabric with the large swiss cross in  the basic cotton ultra.

Luckily for me, my mother-in-law was in town when I was making these and she did most of the work, however, the process she used to make them is something that a beginner sewer like myself could do with little struggle. If you can make a pillow, you can make a twin comforter. 

To cut costs and make it easier, I bought twin white comforters at Meijer. They were a down alternative. I used that as I would a piece of fabric, instead of doing fabric and batting as the inside of the comforter. 
To hold the two pieces of fabric together, you can hand sew, or use the sewing machine to sew little stitches with black thread on every other black cross. 

I just love how they turned out. They fit perfectly in the room. And I can just throw them in the wash whenever I need to. 

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