Now that Christmas is done and my holiday decor is taken down, it’s that awkward time for decorating my home. I would love to just decorate for springtime with flowers and bright colors, but the weather outside doesn’t agree with that. I want my home to be inviting and warm to provide a comfort from the bare trees and cold temperatures outside. So below are some tips to decorating your home during the winter months.

 M A K E   Y O U R   F I R E P L A C E   T H E   F O C A L   P O I N T

(This is the first winter that we have a fireplace, so if you don’t have one, simply create a focal point in your room) A fireplace represents warmth and in the winter months, that’s what you want to feel. You can make it the focal point by turing your furniture towards it and decorating it.

A D D   L A Y E R S

Adding layers of rugs, pillows, throws or decor pieces will add warmth and coziness to a space.

U S E   D R I E D   F L O W E R S   O R   B E R R I ES

I love decorating with nature and the dried berries help to brighten you space without out it looking too springy. Use greenery or subtle colors to help carry you through the winter months. I love cotton sprigs and need to buy some-they would be perfect!
(metal bins, lantern, throw and pillow from Gordmans which is my go-to place for home decor because of the large variety of options and great prices)For my living room I used a few more tips for decorating during the winter. You can notice my use of the tips above: layering pillows, throw blankets and decor pieces and using some greenery with the moss on the candles.

D E C O R A T E   W I T H   M I R R O S

Mirrors add an extra layer in decor and also can reflect the sunlight from outside. Daylight is a cherished thing in some parts of the country during the winter… so anything you can do to capitalize on the sunlight is a good thing. (vase and table decor from here)

U S E    C A N D L E S

Lighting a candle is an easy way to warm up the room. 

C O V E R   D I N I N G   C H A I R S   W I T H   F A B R I C   S E A T   C O V E R S

Dining rooms can often seem cold because of all the wood in the table and chairs. Adding fabric seat covers will soften and warm up the appearance in the room.

I hope these tips help get your home ready for the next few months. Although I love winter and the crisp fresh air-I’m hoping it’s a warm one 😉

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