toddler girls room idea boardDecorating a little girls room has to be my favorite thing ever. I love creating a whimsical space that is both girly and comfortable. Elly requested blue in her room-I think her brothers are rubbing off on her! So I chose a girly blue-more of a light turquoise.
I also wanted to be able to reuse a lot of her old furniture and wall art. I started by finding a bed for her. I wanted a bed that was wrought iron- I love the vintage look it adds. Sometimes when looking for wrought iron beds they are too ornate for me. I wanted one with straight lines. Below are some tips when decorating a room. I just have some finishing touches and then I’ll have the room reveal in the next few weeks. 

T I P S   F O R   D E C O R A T I N G   A   T O D D L E R   G I R L S   R O O M

+I love the juxtaposition of a vintage bed and modern looking side chair. If you are mixing styles of furniture, I would choose only two different styles-otherwise it can look too hodge podgy. I chose vintage and modern in her room.
+Keep the furniture colors neutral. I chose white so that I can throw in accent colors in the decor pieces. I chose yellows, oranges and turquoise. 
+Make it girly. There is definitely a balance of being too frufru and being a cute room. If it were all up to Elly I would have recreated Elsa’s castle in her room with ice castles painted on the wall and drapes of fabric hanging from the ceiling. But I knew if I did that-I would be changing it all over again when the next Disney movie comes out… so I let her pick some decor pieces and a few colors to base the rest of the design around. That way it will last a lot longer because if she gets bored of the colors, she can change the bedding or accent pieces.  
+Have fun with the lighting. Choose pieces that are bit less traditional and can be a focal point. This ceiling lamp is a bit vintage, a bit girly with its stained glass and perfectly matches the colors in the room.


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