IMG_6926IMG_6851IMG_6853Most of my house has very muted grays and blues. So in my craft room I wanted to use brighter colors (I did paint 3 of the 4 walls white… so it needed some color) I saw a mobile like this on Oh Joy’s website and thought it was totally do-able. It’s a fun way to bring some color in to the room while also having a statement piece.  IMG_6857

D I Y   D I P P E D   P A I N T   S T I C K   M O B I L E

The first thing I did was to make the frame. I used 2 in x 1 in pine boards. I simply nailed them together because there isn’t a lot of weight needing to be hung from it. 
IMG_6448IMG_6449I then stained it and attached eye hooks to the ends and strung wire between the eye hooks. I spray painted the wire and eye hooks with gold spray paint. 
IMG_6817IMG_6824IMG_6820For the sticks, I bought 3 feet long square dowels from Home Depot. I cut four sticks out of each dowel. 
IMG_6695I stained one end of the sticks and when that dried, taped off the other end. 
IMG_6723Paint the ends of each stick-this is so time consuming!! But well worth it in the end 🙂
IMG_6725Screw in an eye hook in to the top of each stained and painted stick. Cut three different sizes of thin wire to attach the stick to the wire on the previously built frame.
IMG_6826IMG_6855I just twisted the wires to each other. 
IMG_6858To attach it to the ceiling, I just used more eye hooks and a spray painted them gold and screwed them in to the ceiling. 
IMG_6931IMG_6860IMG_6928I’m still not quite finished with this room, but I’m so glad to finally have this mobile done! 

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