IMG_7378IMG_7387When choosing a desk for my craft room/office, I had two requirements: I wanted it to be big enough to seat two people and counter height so that I could stand up and work on crafts if I wanted to. I looked online at a lot of different types of desks. I really like simple, industrial designs. I also wanted to choose something that wasn’t too expensive and that was easy to make. This desk took my husband and I probably about two hours to make and assemble. It is exactly what I wanted-one of the benefits of doing it yourself 🙂 
D I Y   C O U N T E R   H E I G H T   C R A F T   T A B L E

1. Buy a large piece of 1 inch pine, or any sort of durable wood, you could also use MDF if you wanted. Trim out the edges of the piece of pine by using 2 in x 1 in pine trim pieces. Nail them to the large piece of wood. And that’s it for the table top.IMG_6604IMG_66052. For the legs, use 4 x 4’s (my husband ran them through the table saw just to shave off about a 1/4 inch on each side so that the legs were more of a straight edge as opposed to the semi rounded edges that most 4 x 4’s have. Cut them the height you want. Screw them on to a piece of pine that is the length of the underside of the table top. 
IMG_66033. Screw the legs in to the tabletop. The piece of pine the legs are screwed in to should fit snug under the tabletop. 
IMG_6611IMG_73904. To help support the table, I added a cross bar across the back of the table. I didn’t want to be able to see it so I screwed it in towards the top. IMG_6612IMG_6609IMG_7391IMG_73895. I painted the top of the table with three coats of white satin paint and then 3 or 4 coats of polyurethane. I stained the legs of the table with Jacobean colored stain. 

I love how big the table is. I can be working on the computer and also have my sewing machine set up if I want. Or my husband can be working on his laptop while I work on the computer. It was the perfect solution for a craft room/office table. And only cost about $50 and a few hours of work woot woot! 

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