Handmade Kids Art Pillows

I just love Elly’s little drawings. She loves animals and will draw them in her notebook. All the time I find these adorable drawings and just want to keep them forever. I have put some of her artwork in frames but I wanted capture it in the form of a pillow. I have seen people make dolls out of kids drawings so this is kind of the same idea.


T O   M A K E


1. The first thing to do is have your little one draw an animal, I freehanded and recreated the drawing on a piece of white canvas fabric. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s supposed to be a little kid’s drawing.

2. Trace your pencil lines with a fabric marker. Don’t use just a normal sharpie because it may bleed. The fabric marker will not bleed and won’t wash off.

3. Once you have your drawing, start making your pillow. Just put two pieces of fabric together (drawing side of the fabric inside) pin the fabric together to hold its place while sewing. Sew all around the edge *(except for a few inches so that you can stuff it), leaving about an inch between the black lines and the edge of the fabric. After sewing, cut off the excess fabric around the edges.

4. Flip the pillow right side out through the few inches you left open in the side of the pillow. Then stuff the pillow with stuffing. Elly loved helping me with this part. Make sure to put stuffing in all of the little spaces. I used fabric glue to seal up the few inches in the side of the pillow. You could hand sew that or use fabric hem tape. I like the glue because it’s quick, you can put in a few straight pins where you glued to hold it shut while the glue dries.

Elly loves having these little pillows in her room. She thinks it’s so funny having her drawings on a pillow. I had her sign her name on the back of the pillows with the date so she remembers how old she was when she made them. 

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