Toddler Girls Room Reveal

When we moved in to our new home, I let the kids help design their rooms… I had some ideas but we worked together to create a design they would like. I wanted to use Elly’s old dresser but she got a new bed and other new furniture. She liked the color of her old room, so we painted it the same color. Many of the colors in her room were used in her previous room. I love the light color on the walls and the bright accent colors. It makes the room feel whimsical and girly but not too baby-ish. It’s a room I would love to have for myself 🙂

She loves to read and we love to read to her so I wanted a little reading corner. She has so many toys and stuffed animals so we organized her closet so that there is plenty of room in there for her extra toys and stuffed animals, so that her room can stay clutter free. She also loves her big bed. 

To keep the room from seeming too crazy with all the colors, I kept the bedding white. I also picked just three colors and used different shades of those colors to accent the room.

Toddler Girls Room Sources: Bed, Throw Blanket, Dresser, Rocker, Curtains, DIY Moroccan Pouf, Throw Pillows, Paint Color.


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