Edible Cookie Dough Cookies

When I was in Utah I ate these delicious cookies at The Sweet Tooth Fairy. It is a yummy chocolate chip cookie with a scoop of edible raw cookie dough on top then dipped in chocolate and small chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Since there is no Sweet Tooth Fairy in Chicago, unfortunately 🙁 I have to recreate these delicious cookies on my own. And they are so good I want to make them all the time. I love using edible cookie dough because it’s so good-but I am kind of a nut about raw eggs so my kids always think it’s great when I make edible cookie dough because I let them eat it 🙂

E D I B L E   C O O K I E   D O U G H   C O O K I E S

Start out with your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. My favorites are:
Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Cookies
Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from All Recipes
Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bake cookies as directed. Let Cool.

While the cookies are baking make your edible cookie dough. I use this recipe:
Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Recipe
Top cookies with a scoop of edible chocolate chip cookie dough. Dip the cookies in to melted chocolate. To get my melted chocolate I simply melted about 1 1/2 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips over a double boiler. 

Before the dipped chocolate dries and hardens, sprinkle mini chocolate chips on top.  

So good!

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