DIY Faux Fur Stool

Have you seen these cute little faux fur stools before? I see them all over and think they are just adorable. Especially this time of year, I love decorating with cozy fabrics like this faux fur. I have seen them priced anywhere between $40-$80 and figured that I could make one myself for cheaper. I found some cute faux fur from and knew it would be perfect for a stool.

Supplies needed:
1/2 yard faux fur I used the Mongolian off white
stool legs
four pieces of scrap wood
2 stool seats
foam and batting
thin cardboard or poster board

Mark the bottom of your stool where you want your legs to go. Drill holes for them and screw them in. My stool legs had screw ends built in already. 

I used a nail gun to attach the scrap pieces of wood to the stool. I flipped the stool upside down to do this.

Then I used the nail gun to attach the top stool seat to the top.

Cut your piece of poster board or thin cardboard to fit around the outside of the stool. Use a staple gun to attach it.

Cut your flat foam piece to fit the top of the stool and set it on top-no need to attach it to the stool, the fabric should keep it in place.

Wrap your batting around the outside of the stool. Attach it with your staple gun.

Then take a large piece of your faux fur and carefully wrap it around the stool, stapling it to the bottom as you work around. Pull it tight and fold it under as you are stapling it to make sure the fabric is taught.

It’s such a fun little accent piece and just took about an hour and was under $40! 

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