DIY Donut Bar Board


My daughter recently got baptized at church and for her little celebration, she asked for a donut bar. I liked the idea with just sticking to one treat instead of making cookies, getting fruit, having cut up veggies, etc. This was easy, just buy a bunch of donuts! Haha! And by a bunch, I mean 7 dozen! But we had about a dozen leftover-which is never a bad thing right 😉 I have seen many renditions of the donut bars and kind of took what I liked about each of those and made my own. This one is about 4 feet x 4 feet. I wanted it to be on the table as opposed to on the floor which were like some that I saw. I wanted to keep it out of little kid reach.

M A T E R I A L S :

-wooden dowels (make sure the dowels are small enough so they fit inside a donut)
-wood glue
-vinyl lettering


F I R S T : Cut your board the size you want and then sand it down.
S E C O N D : Apply the stain and/or paint (making sure to let it completely dry between coats)
T H I R D : And this is where the math comes in :/ measure the grid/placement of your dowels. And drill holes the size of the dowel with a drill and drill bit.
F O U R T H : Cut your dowels the size you want, sand and paint them.
F I F T H : Put your wooden dowels through the little holes. Use wood glue to secure them.
S I X T H : Either stencil on some letters or stick on some vinyl letters.





And Elly was pretty happy about all these donuts, so mission accomplished!! Now I have a big donut board in my basement storage room haha! I need to find some other reasons to have a donut bar and 7 dozen donuts haha!

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