Turn A Boring Closet Into Something To Brag About

Ok, we all have them, but so many of them are not something to brag about. CLOSETS! I love closets! If I had to only makeover one area in my house, it would be all the closets. I think the reason I like them is because they are like hidden gems. No one expects them to be amazing, but they totally can be! They can become efficient little spaces that function perfectly for your needs. I have slowly changed up almost every closet in my house. I will not stop until they’re all beautiful haha! This was a boring front entryway closet. But I decided to make it special.


I took out the metal wire shelving, filled the holes and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. I made these two wooden floating shelves. I made two shelves to utilize the space. The ceilings are tall, so, use the space! These cute baskets are from the Container Store. I painted little black lines on the back wall. I had thought about doing a removable wallpaper, but painting the little lines was super cheap-free, since I already had some black paint. I bought a new closet rod and shoe rack and that’s it! The closet has character and is perfect for some coats and shoes.


Floating shelf tutorial coming soon! Okay, so my challenge to you: go look at every single closet and just imagine how it could be used more efficiently. Is there some function you wish the closet had?

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