Teen Room Transformation: Introducing the “Cloffice”

When my teenager moved in to his own room, he wanted a big desk and an office space. I didn’t want to take up a lot of area in his room because there is a queen bed in there that is sometimes used as a guest room when we have multiple guests. I thought of the idea of putting his office in his closet. That way, the desk and clutter is out of the way and when guests come, we can just reattach the closet doors.

I began by emptying the closet, which included the wire shelving and doors. I kept the door tracks so that the doors could be reattached. The wire shelving removal left a lot of marks and holes in the wall, so I needed to patch those before moving on to the shelving.

To make the shelves on either side of the closet, I added support trim around the entire width and length of the shelf. I made sure to screw the support trim in to the studs or used sinkers if no studs were available. The bottom trim pieces are for the desk that will be a floating desk.

My husband added an electrical outlet inside the closet. Since my son would be using the desk area to hold his computer and charge his devices, he needed an outlet. My husband was able to pull power from a wall outlet nearby. He also wired the switch so that it could control the newly added ceiling light in the closet.

You can see where I added support for the floating desk. I figured that if I felt like the floating desk needed more support, I could always add a support leg.

To make the shelves, I used some two inch trim pieces and 1/4 inch trim boards. I stained the floating shelves and floating desk with Early American and Briarsmoke stain.

There are three shelves on the right side of the closet, and under the bottom shelf is a dowel rod to hold his sport coats and dress shirts and anything else that needs to be hung up. He also keeps his laundry basket on the floor on that side. So it’s out of the way and unseen.

It’s perfect for him! He can hang whatever he wants on his cloffice walls and put whatever he wants on his desk and it’s out of the way so I don’t see the mess when I walk by his room.


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